Shipping & Returns

Our Preferred Shipping Company: The Shotridge Collection’s selected shipping company is USPS.

We are happy to select other shipping companies when requested such as: UPS, FED X, and for our “Alaskan” customers; Alaska Marine Lines. These other options are available when our customers request a different shipping company be used other than USPS, please call us at 206-567-5826 to make special arrangements.

Express Overnight:
We are happy to make special arrangements to ship Express Overnight via USPS, UPS & Fed X depending on the item, when our customers wish our products to arrive quickly, please call to make these arrangements, 206-567-5826.

International Orders:
We are currently setting up our international rates, they will be available ASAP. Please email or call 206-567-5826 to place your order.

Processing Time for Orders:
We ship ASAP, usually within a normal 1-7 days depending on the product and whether it is in house.

We create many of our products in house at Shotridge Studios, if we do not have it on hand to ship it right out, we will acquire it from our venders as quickly as possible and usually ship within the 1-7 days. Under special circumstances when it takes longer, we will contact our customers to notify of this delay. Please note that the number of days for the actual shipping time is separate from the processing time.

Please double check the address you put into the cart, our customers will be responsible for any errors and costs involved with reshipping an order if the order is not returned to Shotridge Studios.

Return Policies:
If you believe there is a problem with one of the Shotridge Collection products, please email and we will respond promptly.

All returns or exchange requests must be in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery. We will determine whether we will pay for the return delivery charge after discussion with our customers on a one by one basis. Refunds and or exchanges will be issued after a satisfactory inspection of the item has been performed.
Please include original packaging with your return or exchange.