Original Shotridge Carvings


Tlingit Master Carver Israel Shotridge has been creating original works of art for over 30yrs. many of his monumental totems and other major works are installed within the state of Alaska at Totem Parks, State Parks, Cultural Centers  Airports and throughout the Ketchikan area in outdoor and indoor public spaces.

Israel is well known for his totem restoration, replication and carved contemporary totem poles. In addition to his public artworks, Shotridge has created many dozens of smaller works acquired as art commissions. 

Shotridge Studios accepts art commissions on a limited basis from serious Native art collectors. Totem Poles, Bentwood Boxes, Bowls, Masks, Paddles, Drums and other ceremonial objects are all options that could be commissioned. 

If interested, please contact sue@shotridge.com

In this online art gallery, we will post original carvings by Israel Shotridge that are currently available only at shotridge.com.


"We are thrilled to have received our commissioned paddle, It is absolutely stunning" Juneau Alaska