Israel Shotridge

Israel Shotridge | Tlingit Master Artist & Carver

Tlingit Master Artist / Carver Israel Shotridge is a member of the Teikweidee Brown Bear Clan of the Taantakwan Tongass Tribe from Ketchikan. Israel has an extensive art portfolio of his commissioned artworks which he created over the past 30+ yrs. An overview that highlights his art career can be viewed on his upcoming new website portfolio at There will be a Blog where he will share his current art activities.
Israel Shotridge has carved many monumental totem poles, house screens, bentwood boxes, masks, carved panels and other ceremonial objects in traditional Tlingit-style as well as creating contemporary designs in his work in a variety of mediums including his exploration in bronze and glass. He is a master in engraving silver & gold. 
Shotridge has received many honors during his career, a few highlights are his Artist Fellowships which were awarded, Alaska State Native Art Fellowship in 1990, WA state Folk Art Fellowship in 2009 and the Native Art & Culture Fellowship a National foundation in 2015. Many independent films, editorials, article publications, and books have included images and info. of Shotridge’s artworks.
Israel Shotridge continues to create new designs for The Shotridge Collection reproductions, and carves smaller original artworks and jewelry on a regular basis.
Shotridge’s original carvings and engraved jewelry are currently for sale and offered here on Shotridge accepts a limited amount of jewelry and art commissions. If you are interested please contact: