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During the Coronavirus pandemic, Shotridge Studios established a NEW business focus and division called Northwest Indigenous Wellness. Our branded products; Face Masks, Packaged Sage and Smoked Salmon all feature identifying original  designs by Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge. Our new products are made to heal your mind, body and spirit especially during a time when they are especially needed.    Many of our products embrace the teachings and traditions of our Ancestors.

We have now added 12 stylish graphic face masks to protect you during the pandemic. These non-medical face masks are available in two sizes; Adults and Children and feature many of the original formline designs by Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge. Made from 100% cotton fabric on the inside and 100% polyester on the outside, our Native face masks are adjustable, breathable, include a nose shaper, filter and are beautiful!   These Masks make a great holiday gift idea!  No Returns, Exchanges, or Refunds on our masks.


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Formline Hummingbird Face Mask
  • $19.50

Face Mask