What is The Shotridge Collection?

The Shotridge Collection is a series of museum quality products that feature original formline designs by Tlingit master artist, Israel Shotridge. These reproductions bring formline artwork to the masses. The Shotridge Collection is functional Northwest Coast Native art perfect for any home, corporate office, institution or for personal use. By purchasing directly through The Shotridge Studios, consumers have an immediate connection to support Indigenous Artwork.

Sue & Israel Shotridge began their journey as partners in the Shotridge business over 30 years ago. The Shotridge Collection began with a few designs printed on paper. Since then, it has expanded to over thirty-five original formline designs highlighted on dozens of products, including art prints, art cards, jewelry, mugs, blankets, cups, computer sleeves, iPhone casesjournals, coasters, magnets, key rings, ornaments and more. New products are being developed on a regular basis.

Sue & Israel Shotridge - Founding Partners - The Shotridge Collection Northwest Coast Art & Gifts

Israel Shotridge is a master in formline design, and accomplished sculptor with years of carving experience. He has carved monumental scale totems that are located around the world, especially in the Pacific Northwest. He has created countless bentwood boxes, masks, carved panels and many other ceremonial objects in addition to many contemporary sculptures. The Shotridge Collection is an easy and affordable way to bring his incredible formline designs into your home. 

Shotridge Studios has employed many creative people throughout the years who have helped in the success of The Shotridge collection, however Sue has been the true force behind the business success. She has had to wear many hats from developing product lines, to acquiring product parts, assembly, marketing both in the retail & wholesale divisions, invoicing and shipping throughout the U.S. and afar. As the ambassador of The Shotridge Collection, Sue has had the opportunity to establish and orchestrate an excellent team of professionals. The professional relationships that she has made over the years have ensured the highest quality products throughout the business. Instead of taking the hands off approach and selling the designs to large market producers, Sue has taken the more difficult route and hand delivered The Shotridge Collection to the masses.

Sue Shotridge | Founding Partner & Operating Partner | The Shotridge Collection

The process of creating formline designs in The Shotridge Collction starts with Israel Shotridge. Israel starts with a hand drawn design. The design is refined into a cohesive piece that is traced into a design software by our graphic artist. The shapes are then arranged to make a formline subject. Finally, the line weights, and details are finely tuned. Israel and the graphic designer work back and forth to create a very refined graphic design piece. All of the design principles that go into a traditional formline design are distinctly present in these two-dimensional pieces. The final artwork is a character or story based on traditional Tlingit lore, and recognizably Shotridge.

Traditional formline artwork was carved out of wood, stone, bone and copper. In the past two hundred years, the formline style has expanded to paper and canvas. Now in the internet age, artists have the opportunity to bring formline art to a much broader audience through print recreation. Giclee prints have become the modern standard for print creations of formline artwork. Giclee is an archival ink that has vibrant colors and precision details. The giclees created for the Shotridge collection use archival inks and museum grade papers. This means that the ink and paper is free from chemicals that would fade over time. Each art card includes the written story and inspiration behind the Tlingit lore.

Autumn Shotridge | The Shotridge Collection Art Prints | Limited Edition Art Prints, Hand Signed Art Prints, Open Edition Art Prints

In addition to artwork for the walls, the Shotridge collection includes functional artwork for your home. The woven tapestry blanket throws are soft to the touch and very warm. Whether they’re hung on the wall as a piece of art or used to snuggle on the sofa, these tapestry throws bring traditional Pacific Northwest Native art into the living room.

The Shotridge Collection also features numerous lines of jewelry created by both Israel and Sue. The Lovebirds collection features the traditional iconography of two opposite tribe members joining together in union, the Eagle and the Raven. Israel creates the formline design of the eagle and raven as one. Then Sue works with a jewelry manufacturer to execute the alchemia gold and sterling silver into a piece. The jewelry is then hand accented with gem quality abalone, paua and onyx. Each piece of jewelry is hand assembled and completely one of a kind. This limited edition line was once marketed worldwide in the National Museum of American Indians and The Smithsonian Catalog, but the remaining inventory is now only available through Shotridge Studios. Sue has a history in jewelry design and continues to produce Shotridge jewelry lines, with new designs and big plans coming in the future.

Native Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry | The Shotridge Collection Jewelry | Model: Claudia Lorena

The Shotridge Collection is available for purchase online through shotridge.com, our storefront, and marketed to the wholesale industry throughout the United States. If you’re traveling to Alaska or Washington, you may run into The Shotridge Collection in various galleries, gift shops and curios. Israel has licensed a selection of designs which are being reproduced as a variety of products that can be found throughout Canada. The complete collection is available at the Raven’s Nest on Vashon Island, home of Shotridge Headquarters.

Much like seeing a totem up close and in person, the most impactful way to enjoy these stories is through direct storytelling. That’s not always realistic or available, and The Shotridge Collection provides an authentic opportunity to share this culture with a wider audience. Purchasing directly from an artists’ collection helps to support that artist directly. The reputation and history of Shotridge ensures high quality products and authentic designs are provided to the customer.

Raven's Nest Native Art Gallery & Gifts | Vashon Island, WA | Shotridge Studios Headquarters

Appropriate to their respective clans, bear and frog, Israel and Sue have taken the past few years as a time of hibernation and regrowth. The business of The Shotridge Collection continued better than ever, but they took a step back from the public face and arts scene. That meant less interaction on social media, and in public events. However, they have emerged from their hibernation state, and after a brief yawn and stretch, are ready to reinvigorate The Shotridge Collection. Israel intends to create new formline designs to add to the existing product lines. While Sue currently manages the collection, she would like to find the right individual to hand off the administrative work to while she creates a new jewelry studio and reestablishes herself as an artist.

We want to hear from you! Are you passionate about indigenous artwork? Do you reside in the Pacific Northwest? Contact us if you are looking for new opportunities to grow the next generation of The Shotridge Collection.