Shotridge Holiday Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many people still have gifts to purchase for their friends and family. The Shotridge Collection global brand has a wide variety of gift options from stocking stuffers, midrange gifts, to collectibles, all featuring traditional Pacific Northwest formline designs by Tlingit master artist Israel Shotridge. Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or co-workers, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones on appropriate for any budget. Purchasing directly from us gives you a direct line to the artist. Best of all, there are no crowds of shoppers to compete with. And we can ship your gift wherever it needs to go. The Shotridge Collection is the perfect way to bring Northwest Coast Native artwork to your friends and family for the holidays!

Going to the Potlatch Art Tapestry Throw Blanket on a bed with Shotridge Art Prints on walls

Starting off the gift guide are the Woven Art Tapestry Blanket Throws. These blanket throws are 100% cotton and made in the USA with the artist’s signature patch sewn onto each blanket throw. In the native tradition, blankets are often presented as special gifts at Potlatches and ceremonial gatherings. These blanket throws are functional pieces of art, with the options of being draped over furniture, displayed on the bed, or hung on the wall. Each Art Tapestry blanket throw features an original design created by Israel Shotridge drawn from traditional Tlingit stories and imagery. As you’re looking through the various designs, ask yourself which image does your loved one connect with. Is it the cunning skill and leadership of the wolf? Or the wisdom and sight of the owl? Whichever you choose, this blanket throw is an excellent option for a gift for a special person in your life and  will add a touch of the Pacific Northwest style to your living space.

Shotridge Lovebirds Silver Necklace with Abalone

The perfect gift for the special lady in your life is available in one of the Shotridge jewelry collections. Sue & Israel together create a variety of jewelry collections. The Lovebirds Jewelry collection features the traditional design of Eagle intertwined with Raven. This Tlingit design represents the union of two opposite clans. Each jewelry piece is a collaboration between Sue and Israel Shotridge. They are composed of a limited edition metal reproduction made of sterling silver or Alchema gold with added abalone, black onyx and other beads to enhance the jewelry pieces.The Lovebirds are available as brooch/pendants, necklaces or earrings. Each one makes for a stunningly radiant symbol of love and harmony.

In addition to the Lovebird Collection, the Shotridge’s also create a contemporary collection called the Geometric Jewelry, which is inspired by the geometric patterns of the highly respected Ravenstail robes and weavings. Jewelry options include Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings made in sterling silver, brass and copper with abalone and black onyx beads added to the pieces. During the holidays jewelry is a very popular gift item and will often sell out online, new pieces are created and are offered through Raven's Nest Art Gallery and Gifts on Vashon Island. Please call for more information on what jewelry is currently available. Photos can be emailed.

Shotridge Limited Edition Formline Art Prints - Framed Native Art Prints

For the serious art collector in your family, look no further than Israel Shotridge’s Limited Edition art prints. These are professional archival grade giclee prints featuring designs from traditional Tlingit stories.  Similar to the woven tapestry blankets, there are many different designs to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect choice for your gift recipient. Do they embody the strength of the bear? Or the hyperactive energy of the hummingbird? These are just two examples from over thirty-five different original designs, and the endless stories from Pacific Northwest Native culture.

Master Tlingit artist Israel Shotridge starts with a hand drawn design, which is refined into a cohesive piece. This drawing is traced into a design software by a graphic artist. The shapes are arranged into a cohesive piece to make a formline subject. Finally, the line weights, and details are finely tuned. Israel and the graphic designer work back and forth to create a very refined graphic design piece. All of the design principles that go into a traditional formline design are distinctly present in these two-dimensional pieces.

Tlingit Master Artist Israel Shotridge Drawing Formline Art on a Drum

Shotridge Studios offers high quality matting and framing. The art prints are made on museum grade paper and use archival inks. Each one will last a lifetime without fading. Prints include a numbered certificate of authenticity, including a brief bio and design description.

Looking for smaller gifts? Shotridge has many stocking stuffers too. In this group of products in the traditional formline items the following are available, vinyl decals, acrylic keychains, magnets, ornaments, drum ornaments and more. As your family unpacks their stockings filled with items depicting many northwest coast animals, birds or fish, there’s the opportunity to tell these traditional Tlingit stories. Much like the oral tradition of the Pacific Northwest tribes, your family will take these stories with them long after the holidays. These are excellent ways to continue the tradition of storytelling.

Israel Shotridge Drinkware Collage

If you’re looking to mix up the traditional stocking hung from the mantle, consider using a new vessel, one of many options of the new Shotridge Drinkware. The cup a person uses says a lot about them. With over eighty different design combinations, there’s a perfect cup to hold everyone’s preferred beverage. Mugs, tumblers, goblets, bottles and more. Picture your family gathered around the fire, ready to unwrap presents with their beverage of choice in hand. There’s a raven, wolf, or killer whale in every family, and these cups help them show it off.

Raven's Journey Hard Bound Journal with Festive Staging for Christmas Holidays

If you’ve got an office holiday party to shop for, Shotridge gifts has got you covered. Check out the Formline journals, which features Tlingit designs sure to inspire their owner to fill the blank pages inside. The journals are a portable 5”x7” hard bound book with 128 pages, perfect for quick note taking during meetings.

Alternatively, coffee mugs make a great professional gift, and customers can pick a design fitting to the situation. Does your boss embody the elegant grace of the heron? Or are they more concerned with making waves like a killer whale? This quality drink ware collection is made of double walled stainless and keep beverages at temp for hours.

Raven's Nest Native Art Gallery & Gift Shop on Vashon Island, WA | Pacific Northwest Coast Art

Why shop local? Customers have more choices than ever when shopping for the holidays. By shopping online at or in person at the charming Raven’s Nest retail on Vashon Island, the customer has a direct line of funding to the artist, instead of being funneled through a corporation. It protects from cultural appropriation by giving an avenue to cultural appreciation. It guarantees high quality products, almost all of which are made in the USA. By shopping through a local retailer more money stays within the community making new opportunities for arts and culture. When choosing to shop this holiday season, we encourage you to spend through local avenues to support the next generation of creators. offers a personal shopping experience. In addition to the retail store, we have a direct phone number for any questions. Call us with any questions: 206-567-5826.

Sue and Israel Shotridge - Northwest Coast Art - Founders of The Shotridge Collection

Sue & Israel Shotridge began their journey as partners in the Shotridge business over 30 years ago. The Shotridge Collection began with a few designs printed on paper. Since then, it has expanded to over thirty-five original form line designs highlighted on dozens of products, including art prints, art cards, jewelry, mugs, blankets, cups, computer sleeves, iPhone cases,  journals, coasters, magnets, key rings, ornaments and more. They’ve sent these products to customers around the globe. They are passionate storytellers that want to bring more Pacific Northwest Coast Native art into the home and office.

Sue and Israel Shotridge wish you a safe and happy holiday and a happy new year.